Marketing and Technology Solutions 

Zentrigue Internet Marketing Zentrigue believes in engaging people with responsible marketing efforts, while providing solutions for businesses including, internet marketing and technology systems that are widely used by today’s technology-driven society.

Businesses and professionals are often uncertain about marketing and technology platforms.  Many times, money is wasted on expensive, out-dated systems, resulting in a sub-optimal return on investment. 

Zentrigue provides unique and modern marketing and technology solutions.  Our marketing programs focus on new digital media marketing solutions, including: web2.0social media and universal search optimization.

Zentrigue can answer your digital marketing and technology systems questions, and help develop a plan that works for your business.

As of 2011, Zentrigue has been working with CreativeTake Medical, providing Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Content Composition and Practice Consulting Services.  CreativeTake Medical is a highly recognized, full-service, industry leader for medical website design and development, SEO, SMM and all forms of marketing for the medical practice.